Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I am so frustrated... I still don't have an appointment for my post op check. I finally got through to the eye clinic today and was ever so helpfully redirected to the Royal Berkshire's general Booking Department where initially I was offered an appointment on the 8th of AUGUST!!! So should I have any asymptomatic bad side effects of the operation I can just wait 2 months to find out!!! After I explained why that wasn't good enough I was offered July 24th instead, and told if I couldn't wait that long I needed to call the surgeon's secretary to ask for help... Unlike the eye clinic, the secretary does have voicemail - I know because it seems to be permanently switched on while she doesn't return the calls.
It's funny (not) that both the eye clinic and the day ward I went to after I woke up gave me a comment form along the lines of 'if your friends or family members developed the same condition as you, how likely would you be to recommend us to them?'
NOT VERY!!! I realize the operation itself is the most important part of the process and I've been told that went well, but everything else has been complete shit. I'm not supposed to drive until he gives me the all clear, and I can't even get to see him! Fucking Royal Berkshire Hospital Eye Clinic (London Rd Reading - stay away if you have the choice) - absolute crap. I've been messed around and forgotten once already and now it's happening again. I hate the NHS and I hate the Royal Berkshire even more.

Food today:
Breakfast: pork & apple sausage with cucumber & tomatoes
Lunch: raw ginger soup and a bag of ready salted crisps
Dinner: tuna mayo zucchini pasta with salad
Snacks: cashews, Nak'd gingerbread bar


  1. So sorry you are finding out just how broken the NHS is at the moment, as you know I have had my fair share trauma with them. I have now taken to writing scathing letters to them and I am pleased to report that the CEO of our hospital has been sacked.

  2. I don't hate the NHS, we'd be in more trouble without it. I rarely trouble my GP but I wouldn't like to pay for any medical treatment. It's not always well run though and your experience, and Diane's, are cases in point.
    J x

  3. I think the NHS has some serious issues to sort out in many regions. I know first-hand how frustrating and upsetting it can be to get appropriate appointments and treatments out of them. I really hope they can sort something out earlier for you - it's the least they can do and your concerns are absolutely valid! It's disgraceful the way they're ignoring your concerns.