Wednesday, 11 June 2014


No, I have not been having fun in the kitchen...
Today was the 3rd day this week with no air con at work and we've been told it won't be fixed till Monday. It's really unpleasant in the office at the moment. Reaaaally unpleasant...
At lunchtime I cooled down by walking 2 miles in the sun - and believe me, it was cooler!
And I trained again after work. Is that what you call being on a roll? Maybe it's too soon to say that - but you can't get a roll without first training 3 times - or 4, or 5... Right?

Food today:
Breakfast: raw tomato coconut soup
Lunch: raw spicy bok choy soup & a snack pack of apricots
Dinner: Paleo bbq ribs with kale & avocado salad
Snacks: cashews and Greek yoghurt

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