Thursday, 5 June 2014


Had my appointment. I was there early, and in total spent about 2 HOURS at the hospital because they were running so late.
Still, he's still happy. I am free to get my eyes tested, spend a fortune on new glasses, and thereafter to drive. I am assured that my eye socket won't ache for ever.
He still wants to keep an eye on me... I have to go back in 3 or 4 months. But for  ow,all looks good.

PS I  winged a bit today due to all the stess. While I'd be happier if I could handle stress like a grown up I'm not too upset with myself under the circumstances.


  1. I didn't know whether 'keep an eye on me' was an intentional pun or not, but either way it's a good one (sorry, I am obsessed with puns).

    I'm so happy the outcome of your appointment was positive, and everyone handles stress in different ways...I don't know that there are many people without some kind of coping mechanism or crutch. Tomorrow is a new day!


  2. I don't think 'grown ups' handle stress any differently, to be honest. I reckon a bit of whinging is perfectly in order and if it helps, do it! :-)
    J x