Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Apologies for the language yesterday everybody....

Honestly Joy I don't hate the NHS either really, but I really needed to vent a bit! I'm glad we have them but they are broken and I can't think of many other organizations that are better designed to reduce their victims customers to a state of impotent rage!
After relieving some of my feelings in yesterday's post it seems anticlimactic to report that this morning I finally spoke directly to the surgeon's secretary and she was able to squeeze me in... Tomorrow!!! I really don't know why I bother trying to go through the 'proper channels' as any time I've managed to get anything done it's been by circumventing them completely.
Anyway. Fingers crossed he finds everything is ok in there tomorrow and tells me to just see an optician regularly from now on.

Horrible horrible horrible weather this morning. It was raining when I got up, when I started work, at lunchtime... But it was only cold yet sunny after work and I got 2 miles in and then made it onto the climber for 30 minutes. Once I can drive again that will go up... And the walking will go down :-( but that's just the way it needs to be if I want to lose weight, I can walk in my sleep and that's exactly what my body does now... So I need to up the intensity, and I need to be careful how I do it, at least for a while...

Food today:
Breakfast: pork & apple sausage with vegetable mini frittatas
Lunch: raw ginger soup with 2 slices gf bread (I couldn't help it, it was that or the real thing)
Dinner: rib steak, baked sweet potato & broccoli
Snacks: cashew nut butter; pickled cockles


  1. Fantastic news that you can get an appointment tomorrow! I'm keeping everything crossed for good news :)


  2. I'm so glad you get such a speedy appointment.
    The food looks absolutely delicious!
    J x