Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Yesterday at work my laptop was taken away from me for an hour and a half so that service delivery could perform weird and unnatural acts on it. As a thank you for your patience they then gave me a carrot cake cupcake. It didn't fit my calories yesterday (and I shouldn't have eaten it anyway since it wasn't gf) so I stuck it in my drawer intending to throw it away when no one was around to be offended ie this morning. However, today I could fit it into my calories now that I am belatedly aware of the pack size increase of the cashew nuts, plus I just wanted it, so I had it for breakfast.  It was good...
Today was the first day I didn't have to use eye drops. I actually feel like I have more time in the day without that 4 times a day task - ridiculous as it only took a minute or so, but it was driving me nuts by the last week. If I didn't know better than to cut short an antibiotic course I would happily have set fire to the bottle a week ago. All done now though!
Continuing grotty weather today stopped me from walking at lunchtime, which for once I actually did want to do. I did the usual 2 miles and called that enough horribleness for one day.
At least my train worked properly today. Yesterday I got home half an hour late - that doesn't sound too bad unless you know that on a good day it takes an hour and a half by train. I live approximately 17 miles from the office. If it had happened again today I might have snapped and done something horribly violent. Or just moaned a lot on here.

Food today:
Breakfast: free carrot cake cupcake
Lunch: raw curried cilantro cucumber soup
Dinner: homemade beef burger with kale salad
Snacks: cashews, satsuma, small amount of souper supper raw soup (based on cucumber, celery, avocado & tomatoes)


  1. Mmmm - Carrot cake cupcake. It sounds absolutely delicious!

  2. Rail travel in the UK seems to be crazy it is unreliable and very expensive. If they want people to stop using their cars then they need to make public transport a hell of a lot better. There I have had a moan for you!!!!