Friday, 30 May 2014


I was so depressed today - for no apparent reason. Maybe it's just another example of that post-stress reaction you mentioned Joy... Anyhow I was if anything less happy to get up this morning than yesterday, in this case not surprisingly as I didn't sleep as well last night, and really wasn't looking forward to going into work. The dreary grey weather didn't help any but by the time I reached work I was kind of resigned... Then by mid-morning I was just... Down. Feeling sorry for myself about very little. My eye is almost pain free and rarely aches. I didn't even bother with sunglasses to walk from the train station in a somewhat sunny walk yesterday evening - and didn't then develop a headache. I'm doing better at sticking to my eating plan (though constipated and not seeing much benefit - perhaps that's the problem) and not drinking either, as I felt that needed nipping in the bud.
I am suffering the frustration of trying to get in touch with the eye clinic in Reading again. Last time I saw the consultant he said be wanted to see me again in 4 weeks. That 4 weeks ends next Thursday and so far I haven't been notified of an appointment. This morning the phone number was engaged, then endlessly ringing unanswered, then engaged (probably they took it off the hook because I was just letting it ring) then unanswered again... And it's not like I can just trust them to sort it after they forgot all about me before. This appointment is supposed to tell me I can get my eyes tested, order new glasses, and start driving again so it's quite important to me. In total I probably spent 30 minutes throughout the day listening to the phone ringing Anne never got to talk to anyone...

Food today:
Breakfast: mini frittata based on this recipe
Lunch: raw ginger soup
Dinner:cold roast chicken leg with leftover pizza veggies
Snacks: cashews, Greek yoghurt

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  1. The op, the weather and the general frustration with all the limitations enforced on you . . . it would get anyone down and I reckon you are coping better than a lot would. At time like this it helps to have a blog to 'talk to', doesn't it?
    Good luck with getting that appointment!
    J x