Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ow ow ow

I think a mule may have kicked me in the eye while I slept last night.

Yesterday morning I thought I’d got off quite lightly in terms of the swelling and bruising I was warned might occur.


As far as bruising goes there’s very little visible discolouration, but swelling? My eyelid is so huge its hard to open the eye at all. And while yesterday my only real pain reminded me of when I first tried to wear contact lenses – the irritation that I used to feel after a few hours and then I’d rush to take them out  - today its more of a half-my-head ache. I guess maybe yesterday there was still some anaesthetic in my system keeping things under control and now it’s all worn off?

F**k me it’s sore. Why are there no OTC painkillers that take effect INSTANTLY???

I spent yesterday lying on my bed / the sofa, mostly with my eyes shut, bored out of my skull. To cheer me up we did book a cruise for August, about which you will hear more later. The cheering up effect wore off when I woke up with the mule-kicked feeling, but I expect it will return when the painkillers kick in. Right now I’d gouge the damn thing out with a spoon if I didn’t suspect that would hurt quite a lot more.

Thanks for all the lovely comments – apologies for repaying you with loads of moaning.

But in case I didn’t make my point – OW.

ETA the Paramol is beginning to kick in a bit… phew


  1. Moan away. I'm just hoping today will see a reduction in the pain and an increase in well being.
    J x

  2. You're not moaning! Anyone would want to vent a little if they were in such a high amount of pain. I really hope it improves!