Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Retina is flat!!!

Apparently I was not easy to fix... so the surgeon told me. (I think he was boasting a bit about what a good job he did)
It's actually not sunny today - the forecast was for showers, but I'm pretty sure for that to be right it has to stop occasionally - which it hasn't. That's probably because I had to go out today - for my follow up appointment - and had to travel by public transport in case they dilated my pupils (they did), which meant I had 4 miles walking to do unless I broke down and settled for taking taxis to and from the train station (no chance). I was quite happy about the dreary weather, though cloudy and dry would obviously be better.
I woke up this morning more uncomfortable than I have been for a couple of days first thing. I didn't sleep as well either. I guess it could be that I was nervous about the findings in the follow up appointment, but I doubt that as I've been feeling more confident about the way it was healing since the long weekend. Whatever it was, I needed painkillers first thing today for a combination of aching eye and aching head :-(
I arrived more or less on time for my appointment then hung around for about an hour in order to spend 3 mins with a nurse and about the same with the surgeon. He's very pleased with the way it's healing - he said most people looked worse a week after the op than I do (and that's when he mentioned how much poking and moving my eye around he'd had to do in order to fix the hole in the back of my eye. That made me feel mildly sick)
He shone a bright light in there while it was helpless and dilated, that was loads of fun though not too sore. However I think it pissed the eye off as it started aching afterwards and I ended up needing more painkillers for my aching head. Still, very happy with the outcome although I was a little bit disappointed that he said it wasn't worth going back to the optician to get another eye test until after my next follow up appointment in a month's time.
They did test my visual acuity on my arrival - lets just say my corrective glasses aren't even close to correcting that eye anymore - or to put it another way, in terms of sight my right eye sucks - but hey, it looks nearly normal so at least I don't have to feel self-conscious when I go out (unless I fall over something massive and really visible in a public place.) The swelling has almost all gone, there's no visible bruising and even the blood that was filling the 'white' of my eye is fading so its looks slightly muddier than the other one but not any longer like a demon from a TV show.
I have three more weeks of eye drops, followed by that follow up appointment, hopefully followed by another eye test and then I should actually be back to normal I sincerely hope.

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  1. That's fantastic news, Chrissie - I'm SO glad to hear it's going so well. Sounds like that surgeon deserves his preening as he's done a great job, and so is your body with the healing process :-) Next step, a wee wait then a new prescription and then, hopefully, the world will seem a much better place. Great news about the diminishing eye drops too - they are indeed a pain in the neck (or do I mean dribble down the neck if you miss...)