Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mixed weekend

After several days of continuous improvement in my eye, yesterday I woke up feeling as though someone stabbed me in the eye with a red hot poker and waggled it around a bit. As a result I also had a pounding headache. Great. So the paramol came out again and saved the day, and thankfully the bank holiday weather was back - it drizzled ALL day - so eventually it eased off with lots of rest. It's really disheartening when that happens and I was a bit worried for a while there. Today is the last day I have to take the damned eye drops thankfully, I can't wait to bin the bottle and wave goodbye to that task.
My Mum's visit was really nice though very quiet. It was the only decent day in terms of the weather, and we walked into town to eat at Wetherspoons then just wandered around town for a while. They haven't done that before due to dreadful rain last time they came. They weren't very impressed - can't blame them as the town scores highly in 'ugliest town in England / Britain' votes every year. With good reason. Plenty of time to talk though, which was lovely.
Today was a tough day foodwise. It started off not great when the 45g pack of cashew nuts I'd bought for snacking, which recently changed it's packaging, turned out to have become a 60g pack - and I only found that out after eating it.... Then a birthday boy in the office brought doughnuts in. I resisted and resisted and prayed for them all to be eaten...
After all that my train home was cancelled. I had to catch a bus into Reading to catch the second train, and to do that I had to get some cash out and break into it so I'd have change... Which is a long way of saying I bought a Crunchie - and ate it
Food today:
Breakfast: raw carrot ginger soup
Lunch: raw curried zucchini cucumber soup
Dinner: homemade Chinese bbq roast pork with salad and a homemade dressing
Snacks: cashews, homemade pork rinds

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