Friday, 2 May 2014

Learning curves

Yesterday I decided to try to fit in some working from home as I was so bored and frustrated the day before. II t seemed to go quite well – the day passed much more quickly anyway – but because I kept getting caught up in what I was doing I didn’t take as many breaks as I should have and by the end of the day I was exhausted, my eye felt like it was on fire, and I’d basically been extremely stupid. I had a really early night and woke up in considerable pain this morning (if anyone has a morphine drip they’re not using I could borrow for overnight that would be nice… the gap between my last painkiller dose before bed and getting up is just too long)

Today I am working again, but to ensure that doesn’t happen again I’ve programmed my phone to remind me to take a rest every 50 minutes at most. Along with reminders to take eye-drops and painkillers, the damn thing seems to be beeping every 30 seconds.

I also had a nasty moment around lunchtime yesterday. As I’m refusing to leave the house and walk amongst the race of man (and woman) until I stop looking like someone’s used me as a punch-bag (vain I know, but I don’t want to frighten small children and animals)  I ordered my shopping to be delivered yesterday. It came and all was fine. Until I bent down too sharply to pick up a bag and felt such a sudden increase in pressure in my eye that I felt like throwing up. I didn’t, but now I’m bending slowly and carefully and looking straight ahead/up as I bend rather than down at the ground, and it hasn’t happened again.

I’m completely uninterested in food (I know! Who’d have thought???) but trying to force myself to eat since I know that you can’t heal if you don’t fuel your body. Yesterday that mostly consisted of trying mouthfuls of everything in the fridge to see if anything tasted good (it didn’t) and I think maybe I didn’t therefore eat enough. Today I’m trying harder. I cooked something for breakfast – pancakes consisting of boiled then shredded cassava root and eggs, flavoured with salt, pepper & garlic powder. They turned out well – quite a reasonable bread substitute – so hopefully I can use them throughout the day when I remember to eat.

This morning I also took a very careful bath and washed my hair (being very cautious to avoid getting shampoo or even water in my eye) which made me feel almost human for a while.

Time to take some more pills now… BTW, I want to buy shares in the company that makes Paramol. And the one that makes Nytol. Without them I’d be in REAL trouble

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  1. Ooooh Chrissie - I'd counsel leaving off the screen work for a few days if you can and just let that poor tortured eyeball have a break - it deserves it after what it's been through! Hope you'll feel more comfortable soon, but do try to give yourself the space to heal... even if it does bore you witless!

    Hmmm, funny how a general anaesthetic sends one right off the old feedbag, isn't it. Did the same for my hubby, but it gave him a bit of a weight loss boost so he didn't mind too much.