Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Its STILL sunny!!!

Any other year it would not have been sunny for several consecutive days like this... It is making my eyes more tired than I think they would be in duller weather (if I have to have this done again I want to time it for the depths of winter, around the shortest day!) so I'm taking plenty of short breaks, and using slices of cucumber to cool things down every so often. Yesterday I went outside a few times and it was too bright for me and I didn't go very far at all. I have an eye patch purchased before the op but its really uncomfortable - I can't see well enough to go anywhere without my glasses, but if I put the patch on under the glasses it throws everything off because of the weird angle they sit at, and if I put the patch over the glasses it feels like its pushing the glasses into my eye in a very uncomfortable fashion. I guess its my own fault for ordering the eye patch online and not being able to look at it before buying.

Unfortunately my appetite is back now and I'm nibbling a lot, making up for lost time. My body is still working on healing obviously so I'm not fighting it or worrying about it (much). The main discomfort now is the eye socket where it was pulled and poked about, but I'm managing to wait till midmorning before taking anything for the aches so clearly its not hurting too much.
And as of this morning, I only have to take one lot of eye drops instead of two - sadly I got rid of the one that had to be taken 3 times daily not the one that had to be taken 4 times, but I'll take it!

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