Friday, 23 May 2014

Cold, grey, and wintry today...

.... It must be a Bank Holiday weekend!
Yesterday it was quite warm even though it was wet. Not so much today... Chilly was about the best it got, and that was indoors... We had rain, heavy cloud, and generally miserable weather. I didn't even need my sunglasses! Outside anyway, they did go on a few times in the office.
Still sticking to the diet plan - low carb, grain free, gluten free and also monitoring calories since ignoring them allows me to not lose weight (not gain significantly either, but maintaining is not my current plan). As my eye still limits physical exertion my exercise today was restricted to the normal 2 miles walking, but I think I'm getting faster so that's something.
I had a food fail at lunch time today though. Since I started replacing cooked soup with raw at lunchtimes and breakfasts I've been blending up the soups the evening before - more or less as soon as I get home and often at the same time as I'm prepping that night's dinner and loading the dishwasher. Last night something finally went wrong - I guess I missed an ingredient - and when I started my garlic bell soup it was rubbish. I've done that one plenty of times before and it's usually one of my favourites,but this time it was bland and virtually tasteless. I forced half of it down because 1) I'd already made it, 2) I didn't have anything else, and 3) I'd already made it... But the other half went down the sink, and I had to go into town for something else - not very easy with all my requirements. I wanted chocolate and / or crisps and didn't have either so I guess that's something of a victory!

My Mum & her OH are visiting at the weekend. I doubt if we'll do much or go far, and obviously the weather will have to be taken into account. Can't wait to see her and I think she'll be wanting to check I still have 2 eyes!!!

Food today:
Breakfast: raw coconut tomato soup
Lunch: raw garlic bell pepper soup, prepackaged cooked & sliced chicken breast, small pot of Yeo Natural Yoghurt.
Dinner: grilled chicken thighs & salad with homemade pesto mayonnaise dressing
Snacks: strawberries; cashew nuts


  1. Your raw soups always sound amazing! I've never managed to make one that's remotely edible...I guess it's partially down to my crappy blender.

    Congrats on the victory over chocolate and crisps :)


  2. Yesterday (Friday) was glorious but today is wet, wet, wet! Ah well, good for the garden.
    J x