Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday weekends aren’t supposed to be sunny

I know I complain endlessly about the weather and especially the rain, but really, is it too much to ask for a bit of cloud on the first weekend after eye surgery? Our rental house has light-coloured curtains in every room, something we’d never go for in a house of our own (we’re thermal backed black-out curtains people) and it’s so bright in the house that my eye is constantly tired through squinting. I don’t have any prescription sunglasses, and although my glasses are reactolite that don’t actually darken inside the house unless I leave them on a sunny windowsill, so its kind of uncomfortable. I spent nearly the whole of Saturday lying in the bedroom with a sleep mask on (it doesn’t fit properly but its better than nothing) and the same yesterday morning and early afternoon. The inside of my head is a pretty boring place, and listening to Classic FM on my iPad is only so much distraction…

So far I can only read for a short while before I need to take a break, ditto watching TV, and my one attempt at going out wasn’t very successful do to the pain when I tried to look both ways before crossing the road, so I’m slowly turning into a green skinned fang toothed psychopath due to a combination of boredom and frustration. My appetite hasn’t come back and up until yesterday I felt sick every time I forced myself to eat something. Minus the nausea I wouldn’t mind if the lack of interest in food stuck around for a while, I might actually lose some weight. And up till yesterday I’d been constantly constipated ever since Tuesday. I’m also not enjoying cooking as much as usual, I suppose naturally enough when I have no interest in eating the results.

On the positive side the black eye I started developing on Wednesday evening has faded already and the swelling of my eyelid is much less, so I can actually open my eye without a crowbar. And yesterday I managed to cut down from Paramol to Ibuprofen (and some Paracetamol) and take only 3 lots of painkillers instead of 4, so there is improvement. My eyeball still looks like it’s swimming in blood though. And last night I had a big pouty sad girl’s meltdown of weeping, and complaining that it’s not fair damn it. It did make me feel better after lots of bottling things up, but had no other effect whatsoever because the world refuses to rearrange itself for my benefit.

Ah well, I hope everyone else is enjoying this painfully bright sunny Bank Holiday weekend!


  1. (((hugs))) for you.
    J xxx

  2. Bank Holiday *hugs* from me too xxx

  3. Don't know if it'll help you but we tried a cheapie, and oh so very fetching, eyepatch (Boots or Superdrug sell them) in the first few days when light sensitivity was at it's worst. It wasn't ideal (certainly not for long periods) but did help. Of course, it's cloudier now so you may be OK anyhow. All the best for a restful and rapid recovery.