Monday, 19 May 2014

Back in the office again today

The day got off to a great start when I arrived at work to discover that my swipe card had expired - of course I had a contract that expired on May 2nd and was extended in my absence so it's standard for the card expiry to go unnoticed till I return.
The office was really bright today so I spent the day putting my sunglasses on then taking them off because it was hard to see the cursor on my monitor, then putting them back on again... Over and over again. I hope my eye stops being so damned light sensitive soon, it's getting really old...
For about 10 minutes it was quite nice to be back, then I started to miss my sofa and working in my pyjamas. And the peace and quiet, not to mention curtains... And the ability to put the tv on for company and just change channels if it got annoying...
Ah well.
The weekend was quite good, on Saturday I hadn't hair cut and combined that with an actual walk - not just walking to somewhere but actually walking to walk. It was early enough to be a tolerable temperature with plenty of shade, and I enjoyed it a lot. Later the same day I barbecued for dinner, so I spent more time outside than I have for weeks. Unfortunately because of the weather I made the mistake of trying on some shorts I haven't worn for over a year and had to lie down to talk myself off the ledge when only 2 pairs out of 6 could be worn without pain & fear of cutting off blood flow altogether.
Yesterday was sunny as well and I went shopping but otherwise stayed in out of the heat. And ate better than I have for weeks, possibly months, so maybe - just maybe - the horrible shock of Saturday had some small benefit.
Today was not the best day in terms of food or at least in terms of being happy with food. I enjoyed my lunch & breakfast, but after 3 weeks at home I'm out of practice when it comes to packing my bag, and I forgot to bring snacks. The office hasn't added any healthy options to the vending machine and with an all day on-off headache from the fluorescent lights I didn't risk going out in the bright lunchtime sunlight. So around 2pm I really wanted some nuts or cold meat - nothing I'm not allowed on my diet - but didn't have the option, and someone brought in cakes - well, tarts actually, apple & bakewell tarts to be precise, so I had the pleasure of battling the urge to dive straight in all afternoon. Thanks a bunch whoever you are...
When I got home I was starving so I instantly made & ate dinner, then checked my food diary and realized I had eaten about 60% of the calories I should have - so for once I had to eat more (the hardship!)

Food today:
Breakfast: raw spicy bok choy soup
Lunch: raw Kreamy cucumber soup
Dinner: grilled chicken thighs with salad (dressed with homemade Paleo Caesar dressing)
Snacks: apple, Greek yoghurt with almond butter, dates - all weighed and taken into account

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  1. So glad things are improving for you! :-)
    J x