Thursday, 22 May 2014

And... back to the office

First thing in the morning the office is quite comfortable as the lights are left off and there's only natural light from the windows (and light from monitor screens) . Sadly once it fills up there's always someone who gets light switch happy and spoils everything...
However, resting my eyes yesterday seems to have helped; on Tuesday my eye started bothering me about 20 minutes after the lights went on and I was counting the minutes till I could take more painkillers in the afternoon, whereas today I lasted nearly 2 hours before I needed painkillers and never put the sunglasses on. Definitely an improvement! And because that was improved I managed to pop outside in my lunchbreak instead of just sitting at my desk with my eyes closed. It was pouring with rain so I didn't go far, but the (wet) fresh air was nice!

Food today:
Breakfast: BLTE Salad
Lunch: raw Ginger soup; some corned beef
Dinner: Turkey burger (homemade) with roast asparagus
Snacks: plain yoghurt with strawberries; a few nuts


  1. That's a huge improvement, isn't it? Excellent, good for you!
    J x

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