Saturday, 31 May 2014

A quick note

Earlier today while out for a walk I got a phone call from the hospital. They were 'just checking their notes were up to date' and one of the questions she asked was whether I was expecting another follow-up appointment. A massive coincidence the day after I absolutely failed to get through yesterday, it makes me wonder if someone noticed the same phone number calling over and over and got worried... Anyway she said there was nothing scheduled (I knew it!) And promised to pass it on to the secretary on Monday. So hopefully they'll give me an appointment, discharge me as not needing another, and I won't have to go back unless an optician picks something up again.
I will give them one or two points for calling on Saturday morning though...


  1. Interesting. I'm glad they did phone, whatever the motive.
    J x

  2. In my experience of late, nothing happens in the NHS without the application of a large boot in the posterior. Fingers crossed they contact you but if they don't harass them.