Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Where did the bank holiday go?

I lost Friday to a hangover. I can't say how embarrassing it is to be that hung-over on 3 beers (stronger than my usual choices, but still only 3). I got up quite early to take alka seltzer for my upset stomach & the ice pick in my skull, threw up twice within an hour, and generally suffered my way through the morning. (I'm not asking for sympathy btw, I know I brought it on myself). For lunch I had a Krispy Kreme and felt much better.
Saturday I went into Reading for a little shopping & walked maybe 3 miles total then watched the movie Safe with Jason Statham (The Transporter by another name).
Sunday I got quite a good morning walk before the rain arrived. We had quite a bit of thunder overhead and some torrential rain later on so I didn't go back out, just vegetated indoors and cooked some stuffed lambs hearts in the slow cooker for dinner.
Yesterday was more of the same - a couple of shorter walks rather than 1 long one to get around 4 miles in total (carrying an extremely heavy rucksack for a  couple of them) and I ate a couple of hot cross buns (not gf - but it's only Easter once a year...)
The rain was back today but very light and drizzly a lot of the time. I walked 2 miles and left it at that.

Food today:
Breakfast: raw curried zucchini cucumber soup
Lunch: garlic bell pepper raw soup
Dinner: meatza with beef crust, topped with mushrooms, broccoli, red onion & cheese served with sweet potato oven chips and broccoli slaw                                         Snacks: cashews, Greek yogurt

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