Friday, 25 April 2014


What a horrible day (weatherwise)... Rain, rain, cold, rain, rain.... Cold, rain.. I took an hour longer than usual to get to work due to travel issues and frankly was really tempted to turn around and head for home to work there instead. I was really grumpy by the time I got there. On the plus side I stopped for a consolatory latte on the way and wasn't even interested in any of the high carb junk food I saw - not interested, not tempted in the slightest.
I figured that the day was only going to get better after that start but was proved wrong when my pc crashed and died mid-morning for no apparent reason. So more frustration.
It's M's birthday today so there was no dieting this evening. We're trying to cut back on our spending so we just got an Indian takeaway and some booze at home.
Food today:
Breakfast: raw carrot ginger soup
Lunch: raw Kreamy cucumber soup & flapjack
Dinner: Haryali tikka / pork sekuwa starter followed by lamb haryali & plain rice
Snacks: cheddar cheese and a little cashew butter


  1. What a pain about the PC but great that the stress didn't lead you to rubbish carbs!
    J x

  2. Hi Chrissie

    Sorry I haven't been in touch much recently. Just a quick one to wish you well for seamless and successful surgery tomorrow, followed by a rapid recovrey.