Thursday, 24 April 2014

Planning and preparing

Diane, that was either the best or the worst idea of all time... I had a quick look at an ice cream maker on Amazon and now I want one desperately... Which means I'm scared to actually get one in case I end up gaining 11 stone in a month... :-)

I spent some time today editing my account so I can start recording my food again. I'm not very happy with my weight - and the total lack of progress I'm making unless on a whole30 - so I need to up my efforts, and since it is looking increasingly like I might actually be operated on next Tuesday I have to focus on my intake rather than making vague promises to myself about increasing my exercise (I somehow doubt if even walking will appeal immediately following the op and anything strenuous would risk hampering the healing - even if there was a chance in hell that I'd be up for it) My first focus has to be on remaining fully gf, as I don't want to feel like crap while healing, and ideally grain-free, with the possible exception of white rice, as I've been eating it about once a week lately and having no problems with it. I'm upping my carbs to fuel the process - my current plan is 20-30% of calories, coming from potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetables primarily. I'd like to try for 20% protein and the rest fat. I will be open to changing any and all of it except the gluten based on how I feel though - even if my body is demanding chocolate & crisps! So I expect to gain more before I hopefully start losing :-(
Food today:
Breakfast: raw coconut tomato soup
Lunch: raw curried cilantro cucumber soup (except I replaced cilantro/coriander with parsley because I already had some) and an apple
Dinner: baked salmon fillet with stirfried vegetables
Snacks: satsuma, mini homemade sausages (made from yesterday's lamb cumin burger mix)


  1. It was not my intention to wind you up but I thought you might be able to treat yourself with some homemade ices which are lower in calories. What about making interesting things like a tomato and basil granita!!!!

  2. You've been dieting for what? Upwards of 4 years? Diets aren't supposed to last a lifetime and clearly what you're doing isn't working for you. And now you'll be dealing with a lot metabolic damage.