Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Not the best day. Not the worst either

Walked 2 miles
Ate peanut butter & chocolate & almonds (ground, in a raw soup)
Was not low carb or grain free (but was gluten free)
I was hungry most of the day, and grazed all day (TTOM) but despite the evidence below didn't go into binge mode (desperately cramming as much food as possible down in the shortest possible time)- my overeating took all day

Food today:
Breakfast: Pear, fennel & sage breakfast sausage with cherry tomatoes
Lunch: raw soup - Ani's 15 day fat blast Kreamy dill delight. My first raw soup containing broccoli. (the recipe also contains cashews, I subbed in ground almonds as I have a large bag in the freezer.) followed by natural yoghurt & blueberries
Dinner: fried rice with chicken & ham
Supper: peanut butter straight from the jar
Snacks: toasted coconut flakes, small bag of minstrels, pork scratchings

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