Monday, 7 April 2014

No nuts today

It is hard for me... Not eating nuts. They tend to be my go to snack, but also of course a bit of a binge trigger when I'm that way inclined, and so energy dense...
But they taste good and are crunchy and there aren't enough crunchy foods in the lower carb world. Still, today is day one of trying to break my cashew nut addiction. I left them off my weekend big shop shopping list, and now I'm a cold turkey.
Today was a lousy day (in terms of weather, not nut withdrawal). Rain. Rain. And more rain. I managed 2 damp miles, but couldn't force myself to add another 2 at lunchtime :-( It was disappointing but at the weekend I did approx 5 miles a day despite yesterday also being rubbish so I don't mind too much - I'm still building my distances back up.  The weekend was quite good for food (including nuts) and walking, but did involve a few beers, so not perfect. Also I watched Thor - The Dark World. They smashed up Greenwich, where I spent part of my last day in London, and I always enjoy movies that come with built in 'I've been there'. The less good part of that was that the movie was in 3D - and after watching it I developed a bad headache. The same thing happened the weekend before, when we watched 2 3D movies - after both movies. Apparently it's quite common for 3D movies to cause headaches in people with a range of conditions affecting their eyes, including retinal detachment. So much so that a few sites on the web suggest headaches after 3D movies are actually a warning sign that you should get your eyes tested in case of problems. Annoyingly I've been prioritizing 3D movies on my Lovefilm list to watch them before my surgery as afterwards I simply won't be able to see the 3D for a short time while healing. Ah well. In the grand scheme of possible undesired consequences of this problem of mine, having to watch movies & TV in 2D isn't going to make the top 1000.

Food today:
Breakfast: Eggs scrambled with gammon & tomato
Lunch: raw soup - Ani's 15 day fat blast tomato bisque - with some cold meat
Dinner: lambs liver & onions with cheesy cauliflower mash
Snacks: toasted coconut flakes, homemade meatballs

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