Monday, 28 April 2014

Is it Monday already?

I'm not sure where the weekend went,apart from spending hours in the kitchen both days. I made a new batch of Paleo mayonnaise from which I made 3 different salad dressings; I baked a loaf of grain-free bread, made an oxtail stew, cooked a pork tenderloin and some chicken & froze them, made homemade pork scratchings, roasted a little gammon joint... I didn't actually eat much home cooked food though as celebrating M's birthday carried over into Saturday with a kebab for dinner.
I wanted a couple of long walks but unsettled and very windy weather led to me taking multiple short walks instead - less interesting and overall lower mileage but it helped me avoid showers & cold blustery winds. We also watched the second Hunger Games movie and season 4 of The Big C on DVD, so my weekend must have been split between short, fast walks, hours on my feet in the kitchen, and hours flat on my back on the sofa. I actually stayed in bed till 6 am yesterday - very rare for me! But possibly needed as I had way more energy than usual yesterday morning.
This morning was a very different story - I woke up about 3am and never got back to sleep. Once I got up all I could do was stumble around the house mumbling 'I don't want to go to work...' and then go to work...
At lunchtime I fitted in an extra walk - about 2.5 miles - for some shopping. It started off freezing cold & blustery but then the sun came out and it became quite mild and pleasant, so I enjoyed it in the end.
M was given an Easter egg at work today and brought it home for me as a comforting treat before my operation <3 p="">Deniz, thanks for stopping by to wish me luck for tomorrow. I know you've got a lot going on in your life right now but I always love hearing from you and appreciate your support.

Food today:
Breakfast: raw ginger soup
Lunch: raw Kreamy dill soup
Dinner: pork with cheese sauce (a recipe from Barry Grove's book Natural Health & Weight Loss), broccoli & leek
Snacks: cashews, homemade pork scratchings, chocolate!!!

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