Thursday, 17 April 2014

I'm a bit... hic...pi**ed

After what could only be described as a slow motion binge yesterday (crap at lunchtime then more on the way home) I woke up this morning feeling like I never wanted to eat again (my body saying 'don't do this to me any more - if you can't eat real food don't bother at all' perhaps? So I skipped breakfast and had just a plum & some cashews for my morning snack. I'm not boasting here - I was quite literally completely uninterested in chocolate, or any of the other things I've been overdoing lately, so no willpower was required.
The hayfever has almost completely subsided - my nose still felt a bit stuffed but not runny and I wasn't sneezing any more either. Hurray for antihistamines!
But today wasn't all good - I got a phone call from the hospital this morning, apparently the surgeon who will be operating on my eye is not going to be there on the 22nd so my operation has been put back to the 29th. Just marvelous. I can't believe they booked me in for a surgery on a day that the guy wasn't actually physically in the hospital... Oh who am I kidding, I do believe it, and I also believe it's perfectly possible he decided to take a holiday after they booked it, and just told them to reschedule everybody. Soooo frustrating. I'm now equally scared of the op and desperate for it to be over so it's not hanging over me any more. I hate the f***ing NHS....

Food today:
Breakfast: none
Lunch: gammon salad
Dinner: sirloin steak with chips, mushroom, a few (very few) peas and half a tomato... Plus 3 beers!!!
Snacks: cashews & plum

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  1. (((hugs))) but perhaps you will feel a bit better now the food intake is back on track again. I do hope so.