Monday, 14 April 2014

I have a date....

I had my pre op assessment this morning. I basically worked from home for about an hour and a half, then headed for the train station to get into Reading for 9. The appointment was dead on time amazingly - possibly because it was so early - and the staff nurse was very nice even if she did have to ask me my age and weigh me - two of my not favourite things these days.
The op is booked for the afternoon of April 22nd - a week away in other words. I can have breakfast so long as I eat before 7:30, then nothing but water, black tea, or black coffee as it will be done under general anaesthetic. So long as there are no complications I should be allowed home the same day, around 7pm.
Due to my appointment I walked about 4 miles, and came home to finish the day working from home. If you glance at the food diary below you will see that I comforted myself after my appointment with a very indulgent treat from one of Reading's independent coffee shops. I did stay gf and don't feel any guilt / regret about it.
The weekend was pretty uneventful btw. I wanted to take it easy and just chill out, so I didn't do much - fairly short walks, a bit of grocery shopping,some time out in the garden in the sun yesterday (barbecuing dinner). It was nice, and I did feel relaxed most of the time anyway.

Food today:
Breakfast: Barbecued pork chop and large slice of gf chocolate cake
Lunch: soup
Dinner: chicken & veg topped with homemade pesto
Snacks: some roast gammon

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