Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Home safe & mostly sound

Hi, just a quick post today to say my op went off as planned yesterday - I felt like crap afterwards from the general anaesthetic but they let me come home and I was glad to be out of there! Not feeling spectacular today and my vision is very poor - not just the bad eye, which appears to be swimming in blood, but the other one is struggling to compensate so if this appears to be incomprehensible drivel that's my excuse...
Anyway, normal service will be restored asap


  1. Glad you are home and that things have gone well for you. Hope you'll feel better soon (and see a lot better too). Don't rush your recovery - give your body time to adjust and heal. Big hugs from a grey morning - ah, that reminds me. Tip from lovely hubby - keep your sunglasses to hand as you may find your eyes more light sensitive for a while.

  2. Just to reinforce what Diane said - it takes time to recover from an op and also to recover from a GA. It took me several days to stand without dizziness (and gave me a week off school too!) x

  3. So pleased to hear that your op went as planned and you're home now!

    All the best with your recovery *hugs*.


  4. Chin up things can only get better. Don't forget that you have been poisoned with drugs to put you to sleep and it takes time for them to wear off. While you were asleep your body was brutalised and that will take time to get over too. Now is a very good time to treat yourself with care - if I were in your shoes what would you do for me? Well do that for yourself.......