Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Help needed

Joy, the recipe for the sausages in full is in Paleo lunches & breakfasts on the go by Diana Rodgers (a lovely book even if you're not Paleo). In essence you mix a grated pear and 3 spring onions with 1 tsp each of ground fennel seeds, dried sage, salt & black pepper, and combine with 1 lb of pork mince; form into little patties (sausage shapes would probably work well too) and pan fry them. You can dice the pear rather than grating it, but that's what I did. Grating produces a pretty wet mix that isn't the easiest to handle, but keeps it moist when cooked. Yummy - hot or cold!
I have to admit I am struggling with food at the moment :( I would be fairly happy to never eat another egg (that will wear off) and because I'm realizing that I have a problem with nuts I'm also running out of snack ideas. So much so I had chocolate today (just the one bar!)
I need to make something up myself (and the above sausages would be a good start) but having the time is a problem right now, not to mention I thought I had pork mince in the freezer - and I was wrong about that!. If anyone has any brilliant suggestions I'd appreciate it...
After work I made kale chips to take to work tomorrow, but I'm not sure how satisfying they will be...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with courgette, leek, and yellow & red bell peppers
Lunch: homemade soup
Dinner: pork osso bucco with veg
Snacks: nuts, pork scratchings

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  1. Mmm - many thanks, that is very kind of you.
    J x