Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dull day

There was some sunshine today, early on anyway, which was a nice start to the day. I forgot to take an antihistamine before leaving home this morning, so I was a bit snuffly though not as bad as I was before I started taking them. Maybe the pollen levels are finally tailing off a bit.
Nothing interesting happened today.
You might notice if you stayed awake through yesterday'spost and look below that I'm eating more raw soups at the moment (from Ani's 15 day fat blast). If you've been around a while you might remember I tried to follow her full plan once but failed (even though I liked the savoury recipes) after about 3 days. I'm obviously not attempting the plan again, but I'm sick of salads and feel I've been eating too much protein, not enough carbs (though I'm not going high carb) and not enough fat. This is my way to address that - soups heavy on avocado, coconut oil, or nuts, for healthy fats, and plenty of leafy green & salad vegetables. It actually meets a lot of the nutritional guidelines apart from the fact that most of them contain miso paste - but I'm ok with that as it's fermented and mostly in relatively small quantities.

Food today:
Breakfast: raw 'minestrone' soup
Lunch: raw Kreamy tomato gazpacho soup
Dinner: lamb & cumin burgers (homemade, recipe in Paleo Primer) with salad
Snacks: cashews, mini homemade sausages (made using the same recipe I told you about before, except that I replaced the pear with an apple and cut down on the black pepper a bit)
Supper: M is the spawn of the devil... Ben & Jerry are his accomplices. I had ice cream


  1. If you are an ice cream fan, do you have an ice cream maker? If not I would rush out and get one then you can have a multitude of home made ices and sorbets made from fruit and with less of the grotty fats that are used in commercial stuff. Personally I am not a fan of ice cream as I am not keen on very cold food of any kind.