Friday, 7 March 2014

Whole 30 day 33 - last day

I forgot to take any eggs to work from breakfast today. What is the difference between no breakfast because not hungry and no breakfast because I'm an idiot? About 500 cashew nuts... Ok, I exaggerate - but not by much!
I've been struggling without the caffeine this week, really feeling very tired and lacking energy all day, but not really sleeping any better either - I still keep waking up between 3 & 4am every morning. I'm going to stick with it over the weekend, but if there's no improvement I'll go back to having one cup in the morning again. I want to be out walking as much as I can allowing for the weather and time, but just don't have the energy and I'm not convinced that cutting back on the coffee is a benefit if it also encourages me to turn into a total sloth. Given how careful I'm going to have to be immediately following my op, I don't want to completely waste the time I have beforehand... Damn.
Tomorrow I'm spending the day with my lovely Mum, can't wait to see her! I've been feeling the need for a hug from a Mum - there's nothing quite like it when you're down...

Food today:
Breakfast: -
Lunch: turkey thigh meat & salad
Dinner: chicken thighs with veg - cabbage, leek, broccoli & carrots drizzled with tahini dressing from well fed 2 - didn't love it but will try it again (truthfully I'm not that keen on tahini)
Snacks: cashews, dried apricots

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  1. Like your good self, Chrissy Tahini is far too concentrated to be eaten alone(I don't enjoy it this way) but it's perfect ie tasty with plj, fresh garlic, red onion, raw cider vinegar etc. in a marinade salsa for raw veggies ie cauli, spinach etc.