Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Whole 30 day 30

Haven't decided yet if I'm going to watch that YouTube video... I'm tempted, and part of me thinks I'm a bit wussy not to have done it already (Jess, I actually have a BSc in Biological Sciences, if someone else was having the procedure I'd probably have watched it by now)... Maybe I'll watch it the day before the op so I can't have nightmares for weeks if I don't like what I see :-)
Beautiful frosty cold morning today, no rain, clear skies... The office was decidedly cold when I got in this morning and because I was a little too warm yesterday I'd deliberately worn a thinner top. Not the smartest decision... I guess I need to bear in mind the year is still young.
I had to queue in the Post Office at lunchtime today as well as picking up a  couple of things in the supermarket, so I didn't have time for a walk.
Something weird and uncharacteristic happened today foodwise... normally the first thing I do on arriving at work is cook my breakfast (having eggs means I prefer to have eaten & cleared away before anyone else arrives in case of eggy smell) but this morning I didn't feel like it. By which I don't mean I was hungry but didn't fancy eggs - that's not rare - but I didn't fancy food. That was around 7 am, and I didn't eat anything until about 9:30 when I just had a snackpack of cashews, then lunch around 12:30, when I ate what I had planned & brought, no extras. You know if you've read for a while that intermittent fasting doesn't work with me and nor, really, does 'mindful eating' or 'listening to my body' (it just permanently shouts "feed me" like Audrey 2 in the Little Shop of Horrors) but I guess if they did work, it would feel like that... and I quite liked it. Hopefully it will happen again rather than being a one off. Even if not breaking the morning up with breakfast + more than one snack meant the morning seemed interminable...
After work I enjoyed yet more working to get the mortgage for our house. It has definitely gotten more complicated since the last time we did this. It's driving me batty and I didn't have ten minutes to obsess over my eye - but not in a good way.

Food today:
Breakfast:   -
Lunch: ham, turkey & wasabi mayo salad in lettuce wraps followed by a few melon fingers.
Dinner: Caribbean beef with cauliflower mash and sauteed cabbage
Snacks: cashews

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  1. Oh wow! I do wish I'd had your level of aptitude for biology! Perhaps watching the video closer to the day might be the best idea - it would certainly be less stressful than having recurrent nightmares by watching it earlier, as you say.

    I wish I could not fancy food at breakfast...or any point in the day really :/ Great that you had one of those moments though. I hope getting the mortgage sorted is as painless as it possibly can be!