Saturday, 1 March 2014


Since you've been nice to me about my complaint I'm afraid you have to suffer a little bit more of it as a weekend bonus... That will teach you!

Deniz, I know you were worrying that I wasn't taking my eye condition seriously enough, and the truth is I was trying to present that face. The reality is I'm scared rigid at the thought of what they will do, terrified it won't work, and hugely depressed that it's necessary at all. I'm having headaches a fair bit, which I attribute to the general fear and stress of it all. I'm spending half my time trying not to think about and the rest of my time worrying about it and feeling sorry for myself, and right now I'm lying on my bed in tears.

I really appreciate all you've commented lately and I do know that I'm handling this badly. But I don't seem to have the strength not to. Sorry everybody, I can't help it right now, I really can't.


  1. You're not handling this badly: you're handling this the way that 99% of people would, and you have absolutely nothing to apologise for. I wish I could make things better for you *hugs*.


  2. Now here is a thought for you, cheer up you don't live in Syria!!! When things are bad here that is what we remind ourselves that everything that is happening to us could still be happening and we could have sniper fire coming through the windows as well. Im not being flippant but sometimes it helps to remember that things could be a whole lot worse when you feel sorry for yourself.

  3. Hell Chrissie, badly? No way, my dear - you are under a crazy amount of stress right now with everything, you're understandably rocked by what's happening with the eye - what you are actually doing is handling things really WELL.

    As to the op, it WILL be OK - it's an op with an enviable success rate. Yes, it's scary and yes, you'll doubtless find the after-care will be a pain in the ass (it's eye-drops 'r us!), but you can get something to help here too - called the Autodrop® (look it up on Amazon or similar) it REALLY helps with the eye-drop regime.

    My hubby said he had minimal 'pain' if that's a concern - scratchy feeling and he was aware that 'something had been done' but never described it a being painful. Your current headaches may be part stress, but may be part strain from the good eye having to compensate for the one with the retinal problem. Try to get as much info as you can to put your mind at ease - uncertainty breeds more stress (I have the tee-shirt here!).

    Anyway, hugs from me and the offer to talk is always there. Take care and look after you.