Monday, 17 March 2014

What a fabulous weekend!

The weather was beautiful and I spent most of both days outside.
On Saturday my brother arrived about 8:30 am and we walked to the post office to deal with a despatch and a collection, then after dropping off our collection at home headed for the train station. We started off with a brief visit to Wokingham to check out the Saturday market, then went on to Reading to check out the farmers market there, walk around in the sun, and have a Loch Fyne lunch. Then we caught the train back, and after stopping by the house to drop off some shopping we went for a walk through a park, wood and wildlife corridor. In total I think we probably came close to 10 miles walking and all of it in lovely mild spring weather.
On Saturday evening we ordered a Nepalese takeaway and watched a movie (more or less - my brother nodded off at least once)
Sunday we headed into London on the train. For months we've been planning vaguely to do a boat trip on the Thames and yesterday was the day. We downloaded a 2 for 1 voucher from the National Rail website and boarded at the Westminster Pier for a very short (but interesting thanks to an excellent commentary by one of the crew members) ride up to Tower Pier, where we changed boats to one for Greenwich.
We were both so impressed with Greenwich! We walked around the Old Royal Naval College for a while (beautiful buildings, well worth a visit)



The Chapel (above) and the Painted Room


We were not the only ones enjoying the lovely weather!


Then we had a little wander around the village. We found an excellent (but sadly overcrowded) market to explore as well, and both agreed we'd like to go back earlier in the day when it would hopefully be less crowded.
Then we caught the boat back to Tower Pier, popped into our favourite eating place - Bodeans BBQ - for a late lunch, and walked along the Thames Path to get back to the train station. There was a cold breeze for some of the day but a lot of the time I was walking around in a t-shirt (with s goofy smile, probably!)
I wasn't Paleo or even low carb all weekend - across the two days I ate white potatoes, rice, ice cream, a gf brownie and drank milky coffee - but had no untoward side effects and didn't suffer and energy crashes with all the walking so I guess it wasn't a bad idea. And I enjoyed all of it!
Today I didn't do any walking due to sore feet. I stayed in over lunch and then plunged into cooking, laundry and other chores straight after work - I was behind after my busy weekend

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon & spinach
Lunch: homemade soup
Dinner: tandoori chicken breasts with broccoli
Snacks: nuts, homemade pork scratchings, toasted coconut

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