Friday, 21 March 2014


This morning started bright and sunny and despite a forecast of rain from noon it stayed lovely for long enough to let me walk 2 miles at lunchtime. I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the cold, fairly strong wind bringing the temperature down.
This morning one of the guys in the office brought in cakes for his birthday and I was pleased to be completely indifferent to one (a truly enormous chocolate cake with a full centimetre of chocolate icing on it) and easily able to resist the other (a very substantial New York cheesecake) - both of them were homemade too, which is generally more appealing than shop bought; he also brought 2 boxes of mixed Krispy Kremes. In the right mood I've always loved them, even since going GF, and I did have to put a little effort into avoiding looking at them too closely, but I managed to resist those too. Helped admittedly by the fact that the office is full of addicts and the boxes emptied quickly, but I still count that as a victory!
Sadly the weather turned on us after work and we had showers & dark heavy clouds that stopped more walking from happening, so I spent the next couple of hours in the kitchen.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with tomato and bell peppers
Lunch: chicken-bell pepper salad made with Paleo mayonnaise in romaine lettuce leaves and a snackpack of dates
Dinner: well fed 2 crispy panfried sardines with salad
Snacks: coconut, cashews, Greek yoghurt

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