Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Rush rush rush

I was really busy at work today - and had to stay on late to finish what I was doing. With amazingly brilliant timing I also had a headache that took 4 pills & an extra coffee (full caff) to ward it off.
Because of that great combo I couldn't enjoy the weather when it improved just before lunch - the sun was too bright for my headache when I popped out briefly - or after work, when the head was better but I had things to do. After work I did more laundry, repaired a dress whose hem was drooping in an unattractive manner, made lunches for tomorrow and dinner for today, plus whizzing up a batch of paleo mayonnaise and (my personal pet hate) unloading/reloading the dishwasher.  It was a relief to collapse in front of the TV after dinner to catch my breath!
That combination of too much to do in too little time also stopped me from writing my post throughout the day while waiting for my tests to complete. So apologies for the greater than usual tedium!
Food today:
Breakfast - leftover turkey burger topped with paleo hoisin sauce + broccoli slaw
Lunch: more leftovers - a mystery stew I found languishing in the depths of my freezer, followed by a snack pack of dried apricots
Dinner: a stir fry of unknown white fish, mushrooms, peppers & slightly ageing lettuce leaves. A whole lot better than it sounds!!!
Snacks: coconut flakes, a mini babybel cheese, pork scratchings

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