Monday, 31 March 2014

I hate daylight saving

Not because I lose an hour's sleep, not because it confuses my body when meal times are thrown out by even 1 hour. Just because I hate going from travelling to work in daylight (hopefully even sunlight) on Friday then doing so in darkness the following Monday. It feels like they've brought the winter back. So calling it British Summer Time is even more annoying.
Ah well.
Friday I didn't post due to wallowing in suicidal / homicidal depression. I don't know why I suddenly felt soooo awful, but I basically crashed. I ate 2 bags of crisps, gluten-containing mini brownies & maxi cookie, I cried in the bathroom, picked fights with my husband and was generally horrible to be around. Then I woke up on Saturday... happy.
Saturday was sunny and so warm I didn't even take a coat when I went out (usually I take one just in case then get hugely irritated at having to carry it around). I went out twice - morning & afternoon - for a total of probably 4 - 5 miles, and in the afternoon wandered slightly off my usual path to discover a really pleasant little wood to walk in, only minutes from the house.
Sunday I continued feeling good. In the morning I walked to Ascot (having forgotten it was a race day so would be really busy) - about 4 miles in total. I had intended to walk back again but my feet were warning of possible blisters so I didn't risk it, instead catching the train back and walking from the station - another mile - and then going back out later for a little shopping. In total, between 6 and 7 miles probably. I mostly enjoyed it (although I'd overfilled my rucksack for the last bit) and we followed that by watching The Hobbit in 3D. Of course it's so long that took up the whole afternoon, but we really enjoyed it. Apart from the singing - but that reflects my feelings regarding The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books as well.
I also experimented a bit in the kitchen over the weekend - I made some pear, sage & fennel breakfast sausages (recipe in the Paleo cookbook Paleo lunches and  breakfasts on the go) - very delicious, M liked them too - and for dinner yesterday I made meatza with a beef crust - really tasty!

I did not want to go to work today and tried to think of an excuse to work from home, but failed. I sulked a little bit on the journey in but got over it eventually (it would have been quicker if there had been fewer disgusting noises invading my desk airspace from the guy who sits across from me)
I had my now standard 2 miles walk today. So the walking is continuing at a fairly undemanding level anyway.
In other news, after repeatedly failing to get through to the hospital last week to ask about my op, someone finally answered the phone today. One transfer and another call later, I discovered that I was right - no order on the system, so I wasn't on the waiting list. And one of my two months gone without anything happening. I knew they'd bloody forgotten all about me!

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: homemade soup & vegetable crisps
Dinner: Italian sausage & peppers zucchini noodles (I made my own 'Italian sausage' using pork mince & well fed Italian sausage seasoning, then shaped it into small meatballs to fake the chunks of sliced sausage in the original recipe)
Snacks: nuts, natural yoghurt, small amount of melon

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  1. Pear, fennel and sage sausages sound wonderful - is there any chance of the recipe on here please, please, pretty please? :-)
    And GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (in capitals too) at the hospital. Disgraceful!
    J x