Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bouncing back

Compared to yesterday's somewhat gloomy note the status quo still applies... but my mood is at least 75% better! This morning at work I switched desks and my new desk is by a window. After looking out at the sun all morning at lunchtime I took a walk along the canal. I was hoping for a 3 mile round trip but lost maybe half a mile when I reached a point where the towpath was broken - washed away in the flood, and water was still flowing across the gap. In jeans I probably could have jumped it, in straight tightish skirt I didn't chance it. It was sunny for the whole 50 minutes or so I was out, and so peaceful along the canal, it was back to the days when I still enjoyed walking! (Maybe I do have SAD and the sun helped?)
After work I did have to waste some time on the phone about mortgage stuff so I didn't have time for another walk sadly.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with coconut oil, leek, mushrooms & chard
Lunch: chicken & vegetable soup
Dinner: panfried (tinned) sardines with lemon garlic rainbow chard
Snacks: cashews, coconut flakes, biltong

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