Thursday, 20 March 2014

Back to normal

Work was back to normal today thankfully. By which I mean boring but not too boring, busy but not too busy, and the ability to leave on time for the first day this week. I spent a lot of time testing disk installations of our software - basically involving clicking a Setup button then browsing the web on my phone till it completed; then uninstalling (more browsing) then reinstalling (guess...). It was refreshing after the last few days and I dived headfirst into a lovely site I stumbled across through a guest post on another site. This is the site, The food photography is stunning and everything looks delicious. I haven't even tried any of the recipes - though her influence affected my dinner today - and I'm still smitten.
I didn't walk today at lunchtime - I was too busy drooling over inspiralized recipes. Unfortunately I didn't have time afterwards either as I was waiting for a Tesco delivery - but I did do some housework so it was kind of productive

Food today:
Breakfast: my favourite egg salad - hard boiled egg, bacon & avocado in mayonnaise.
Lunch: soup - very mild despite being flavoured with red Thai curry paste, very rich from coconut cream
Dinner: spiralized sweet potato noodles cooked in a homemade tomato 'pasta' sauce with tinned tuna, sliced black olives and capers stirred in
Snacks: coconut, roast gammon, Babybel cheese

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