Thursday, 13 March 2014

And back to earth

Well, haven’t felt much like posting today so not a lot to say if I’m honest. I slept for roughly 3 minutes yesterday and woke up to a world blanketed in the thickest fog I’d ever seen (it was real fog, not a metaphor for the state of my brain… or my eye)

I set off for work but got about a mile before deciding I didn’t have sufficient focus to drive to work in the horrible visibility so I turned around, came home and worked from home instead. Of course by lunchtime when I resurfaced the fog had burned off completely, there was glorious sunshine and blue skies… so I walked to the shop (about 2 miles round trip) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Despite the fact that the house move is off because the banks don’t understand what I do well enough to be willing to lend to me right now. So our lovely new house will be someone else’s lovely new house. I’m disappointed but there’s a small measure of relief in there that the stress of another house move is put aside until I can get the other big stresses sorted out. I don’t know why I so often end up (after months of relatively tedious living) having multiple stressful situations to deal with at the same time, it must be bad planning on my part I guess Winking smile

Anyhow, I did my working from home and was fairly productive despite a nagging ache in my left shoulder that I can still feel now. I got a bit of a walk in at lunchtime and another afterwards, then walked another mile (round trip) to have some dinner out in a very low key ‘the stress is over’ celebration / ‘the dream is over’ drowning of the sorrows which involved beer.

Because I can.

So in total today I walked about 5, maybe 5.5 miles. Not enough to mitigate the sugar damage (see below), but way more than recently and vastly more than none. So I’m cutting myself a very little slack here.

Food today:

Breakfast: left over mutton stew with added homemade stock, spinach, mushroom & leek (I ran out of eggs. The horror!!!!)

Lunch: Chicken & veg soup. Soup all gone now. Yay? It was getting boring

Dinner: Wetherspoons ‘Skinny steak’ – the skinny just means it comes with an undressed side salad instead of the usual accompaniments. I took my own dressing (does that make me a hardcore dieter??? Well no.. because I binged on my second walk today…) – zingy ginger dressing from Well Fed 2

Snacks: Coconut flakes and a (GF I swear!) tiffin bar. Plus maybe some peanut butter from the jar. And a dark chocolate Bounty, a bag of crisps, and some GF dark chocolate ginger cookies, plus some Haribos Starmix   I feel very little shame because I think I held it together pretty well with all the stress over the last few months, only buckled when the pressure eased off, and will do better tomorrow. Notice I went all sugar all the way when I did go stress relieving comfort eating… but I did (just) stay gluten free. Despite being tempted by a Krispy Kreme…


  1. Sorry to hear that you lovely new house is off but at least the stress levels should diminish.

  2. really it's very important to back to earth, thanks