Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Whole30 day 9

Rain again at lunchtime, I considered digging out the umbrella and going out anyway... Trouble is it's just not that enjoyable that way... So I didn't bother in the end, I had no shopping to get and I don't want to feel like walking is becoming a chore.
After work I trained (yay me! Finally!  40 minutes on the climber just as if it hasn't been 3 months since last time. I finished with legs that were protesting loudly and now my shoulders are aching too) and then we went out to view a house for sale after dinner (hence my somewhat perfunctory and uninspired dinner choice). The house had both potential and a funny smell, so we're having a think about it.
Today's dinner not withstanding I'm actually enjoying this whole30 a lot more than the last one. I knew I would if I didn't just collapse into plate after plate of boring meat & 2 veg, no gravy, sauce or dressing again, but I didn't expect to enjoy experimenting my way through the well fed books as much as I am. My dinner was enlivened by a sprinkling of the sunrise spice from book 2 today, and it did brighten the chicken up quite a lot.

Food today:
Breakfast: baked frittata & strawberries
Lunch: silky courgette soup & a little tuna mayo for protein
Dinner: chicken leg & grilled asparagus
Snacks: hazelnuts, toasted coconut

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  1. Would salsa verde be allowed it is after all parsley garlic and olive oil in its simplest form lovely on poached chicken or fish or by adding some lemon zest you have gremolata which is lovely spread on either meat or fish. Pin bone a mackerel fillet and fill the centre gap with gremolata and shove under the grill. What about home made mayo that is egg yolk, lemon juice olive oil salt and pepper. No dairy no grains just bags of flavour. Then there is tomato sauce just fry a garlic clove or two in some oil and add a tin of chopped tomatoes then basil if you fancy.