Monday, 17 February 2014

Whole 30 weekend & day 15

Another fully compliant weekend is behind me with some more experimentation as well. Apart from Saturday's breakfast, when I had eggs baked in avocado, I didn't eat particularly interesting food, though I did make a big batch of chocolate chili from the well fed book that I ate today for dinner. On the other hand I once again wasn't even tempted to break the rules (though I ate quite a lot of toasted coconut) and I continued to enjoy my food (apart from a bag of cashews from Morrisons that tasted weirdly soapy)

On Friday night the high winds took down the garden fences both sides of our back garden. We didn't need to care of course, as it's a rental house our only responsibility was informing the letting agent so he could organize repairs. The weather stayed sufficiently horrible on Saturday - more wind than rain - that I wasn't tempted to walk further than the shops in the town centre, which was lucky because we had two house viewings that were awkwardly timed to not allow a long walk very easily anyway. On Sunday we had another viewing but I did manage to go out for an hour and discovered a new fairly appealing walk not far from home which was nice. We really liked the house we viewed and put in an offer that we're waiting to hear about (I'm not particularly hopeful as there's a lot of interest in this one).
I also watched The Life of Pi (loved it) and Hansel & Gretl: Witch Hunters, and enjoyed both though Life of Pi was way better obviously

Today I struggled to get up - shattered for some reason - and for the first time I did fancy something sweet - to drink, not to eat. Apart from some fruit at lunch I resisted but it was a bit sad to have to resist just when I've been feeling good about how easy it was feeling! I've also been hungry today, annoyingly, but I suppose the most likely reason is the tiredness I started the day with. I'm also unsure if I've been eating enough fat lately to compensate for the starchy carbs I'm not eating - usually my Greek yoghurt habit helps with that but not, of course, at the moment. That's obviously something I can experiment with. Of course being so damn tired I had a meeting at 3:30 (I generally finish work at 4) so that was just thrilling.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushroom & tomato
Lunch: golden cauliflower soup from well fed 2 with a little roast pork tenderloin and a small fruit salad to follow
Dinner: chocolate chili (also from well fed) over zucchini noodles - I admit as a  British person eating chili over any kind of noodles instead of rice (regardless of whether either or both are the 'real' thing or a veggie replacement) seems odd, but I've seen it on enough blogs to give it a shot anyway, and is it happens I liked it that way. Though rice is better. Topped with avocado and sliced olives
Snacks: cashews (not from Morrisons) & toasted coconut flakes

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