Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Whole 30 days 23

I think I slept better last night - I don't remember waking up really early or often - but you wouldn't know it from how I feel today. I'm still tired but not just ordinary yawning inappropriately tired, my whole body just feels drained and heavy as lead. Not to mention pains in my lower back, shoulders and hips. I feel about 96 years old and falling rapidly into decay. Even lifting a mug of tea is an effort. Maybe the horrible weather overnight that I've heard we had made my night more restless than I'm aware of.
I did only have one (small) cup of full caffeine coffee today (does that explain the first paragraph of this post perhaps?) followed by one small cup of decaff (I know that still has a little caffeine) and then switching to herbal teas - rooibos, ginger, lemon & ginger, and peppermint, all totally naturally caffeine free. Hopefully that should mean a good night's sleep tonight.
I also woke up absolutely starving this morning, at 5am (well, a little earlier) and didn't have breakfast till I got into the office around 7am. I hadn't eaten anything in that 2 hours but as soon as I finished my eggs (no, I didn't wait 20 minutes) I started on my snacks....

I guess you probably gathered from the gloomy tone that I'm feeling miserable and depressed today... Also I have a (probably caffeine withdrawal) headache. Argh

After work I had to call the bank we've asked for a mortgage - 25 minutes on the phone I'll never get back - and get a quote for a moving company. So needless to say no training or walking again. At least tomorrow's hospital appointment will force me to walk 4 miles.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushroom, leek & tomato
Lunch: 'split pea' soup and some melon
Dinner: salmon coated with Wasabi mayonnaise and baked, with salad & ginger dressing
Snacks: cashews, toasted coconut & tinned salmon in homemade mayo

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