Monday, 24 February 2014

Whole 30 days 20-22

Another pretty successful weekend - so long as I don't talk about exercise that is. Saturday I walked about 4 miles as the weather was so much nicer, then in the afternoon watched Star Trek Into Darkness; Sunday I only walked about 2 miles due to the strong wind - I went shopping in the morning, overdid the shopping & hurt my back carrying it home, planned another (un-laden) walk in the afternoon & allowed the wind to dissuade me.

I didn't eat or drink anything I shouldn't and I tried two new meals - Saturday was another well fed 2 recipe, crispy chicken livers, which I actually enjoyed (I am NOT a fan of livers but keep trying to find a way to accept them due to their nutritional value) and on Sunday I improvised a mutton stew which was very tasty though far too simple to qualify as a recipe / invention. I'm still enjoying experiments with whole 30 foods & recipes. Yesterday I made a new batch of mayonnaise & turned it into Wasabi mayo, spicy coconut mayo, and remoulade, all of which will be popping up in the next few days' food!

Last night I slept for all of 4 hours and today I'm shattered. It took heroic quantities of coffee to get me through the day and I decided that's getting too common these days - I need to cut back drastically as I'm feeling kind of dependent on it. Until the last mug, which was making me feel sick, persuaded me to stop... Starting tomorrow, only one cup of full-caffeine coffee a day...

After work I had to visit our new solicitor to prove I'm not a money laundering terrorist so showing a photo of and a bill. I can't believe there are would be terrorists all over the country thinking 'I would buy an overpriced house to hide this cash but how can I get around the need for a photo id???'
After that I didn't have time to train (plus still having some residual back pain) so I did housework & then mixed up a new salad dressing to try instead.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushroom, leek & tomato
Lunch: low-carb no pea 'split pea' soup
Dinner: chicken salad with a wonderful ginger dressing from well fed 2
Snacks: cashews & toasted coconut flakes

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  1. I spent a chunk of yesterday trying to convince the bank I'm not a money laundering terrorist/drug trafficker too - oooh, what fun, eh.

    Sympathise with the sleep (or lack of!) as I'm in the same boat here too. :-(

    BTW, Liver sounds delicious, the mayo varieties (esp. spicy coconut) too.