Monday, 10 February 2014

Whole 30 day 8

Today was sooo boring that I was reminded how often I complained about this place last time I was here - funny how easy it was to forget that when I was stuck up north and didn't want to be...

At lunchtime I headed out for a walk but it started pouring with rain, so that was cut very short. (umbrellas left in cars are not effective at keeping people dry)

After work I dropped the dreaded referral letter off at the surgery so that the GP can kick off the referral process to hopefully get me a quick appointment at the Eye Hospital. I might be dreaming there of course....

I planned to train for 40 minutes after work to get breathless & sweaty and try to work off residual stress from the weekend. Unfortunately I took longer than I expected at the surgery and was starving by the time I got home so I cooked an early dinner instead :-( then made soup for my next few days' lunches.

Food today:
Breakfast: a baked frittata I made yesterday - enough for 3 breakfasts - spinach, bacon, leek and red pepper. It would have been better with cheese, but it's ok
Lunch: half portion of last weeks pumpkin soup with a grilled chicken thigh fillet for protein
Dinner: home made pork burgers (the same mix as yesterday's breakfast sausage) - one topped with Wasabi mayonnaise and one with homemade hoisin, with tomato, cucumber & roasted sweet potato slices.
Snacks: pecans, toasted coconut

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