Friday, 7 February 2014

Whole 30 day 5

Today I made the mistake of not bringing enough snackage to work and was very very hungry by about 10:45. With 0 whole30 compliant options available in the office. Note to self - don't DO that!!!
I bit the bullet, and my tongue, and stuck to the plan, and suffered, and felt sorry for myself :-)
As I drove to work this morning it was pouring with rain again (lots of people working here had to detour around flooded roads to get to work) but by about 10 I could see sunlight, actual sunshine through the window - what a beautiful sight!!! So at lunchtime I dashed off to the supermarket, getting my 2 mile walk in while the good weather lasted. Unfortunately that meant not taking the time to eat first, which meant I committed the cardinal sin if shopping while hungry... Happily my off-list shopping that resulted only involved a punnet of strawberries, and I'm ok with that!
After work I headed to the kitchen again to mix up a jerk seasoning spice mix, plus garlic & wasabi mayonnaises from the basic recipe I made yesterday - all from the Well Fed books. My fridge is now well stocked for the next part of the whole 30 plan!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with orange pepper, gammon & leek; strawberries
Lunch: homemade pumpkin & carrot soup
Dinner: Gammon & mushroom cauliflower 'risotto' (homemade chicken feet stock, garlic & fresh parsley)
Snacks: Mangetout with red pepper tapenade, cashews bought at lunchtime

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