Friday, 28 February 2014

Whole 30 day 26

During yesterday's trip to Reading I fell over due to misjudging the height of a kerb I was stepping onto. I went crashing down, caught myself on my left hand and right knee. Painful! I also bashed or twisted (maybe both) my right elbow and jarred my back. I didn't really care yesterday given that I was busy freaking out slightly at the prospect of someone stitching something to my EYE but then it kept waking me up all night so today it's more of a problem than the eye (although... Stitching... Bleurgh)
My hand isn't bad, just a couple of shallow grazes that are very slightly bleeding through the plasters I slapped on them. My bashed knee though stiffens up if I sit too long and was painful if I tried to turn over to lie face down (apparently I do that quite often in my sleep... who knew?) And the elbow was so sore when I tried to towel off my hair post-shower this morning I had to switch hands and get my towel bloody (the first lot of plasters having come off in the shower). So I was planning to train today but given my knee, didn't. Again. Sometimes I think I'm so clumsy it's hardly safe to let me out of the house on my own... Or possibly let me loose in the house. Oh for a nice safe padded cell...
About the only thing I feel in control of at the moment is my eating. I know, who'd have thunk? Even there I'm talking about types of food more than quantities of course. The thing more than anything that I love about doing the whole 30 is that the unacceptable list, containing most of my favorite trigger / binge foods, combined with the whole 'if you cheat you fail - or, if you're not willing to fail, you have to start over' does dramatically reduce the days where I feel the food is controlling me (obviously it's not necessarily able to stand up to female rampaging hormones, but then what can?) Also, if I wasn't on an elimination diet with less than a week to go I strongly suspect I'd be hungover today as well as tired... And that's a source of 'comfort' I really don't want to turn to. Even though a double whisky would go down a treat...

Anyway, I apologize for all the misery that seems to be all I can spew out here at the moment. I'm fully aware that my problems are minor ones and I shouldn't be trying to make them into mountains. I'm also aware that I am having an operation, even if it doesn't involve losing a limb or major organ. But we're also waiting to hear from the bank we've asked for a mortgage and trying to find a good local moving firm; our solicitors keep asking for extra documentation we've never been asked for before; and to be honest all I spend my time doing (apart from chasing these things) is trying to escape from my actual life into tv. (Walking (or limping, as I was for 2 or 3 miles yesterday) actually gives me too much time to think... Not to mention the return of the disgusting weather again.) Pathetic, unproductive and unhealthy. But it's all I feel able to do at the moment. Someone come & kick me off the sofa please...

Food today:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms & 'riced' cauliflower
Lunch: chicken salad (baked chicken breast in spicy coconut mayo) in lettuce wraps
Dinner: chicken & mushroom stirfry with sunshine sauce
Snacks: strawberries; cashews


  1. I'm always a bit shaken up after I fall over running, particularly when it involves tripping on a kerb, so I can completley understand why you'd be feeling sore following the fall. And please don't apologise for the 'misery' - if I did that then every other word that I said would be 'sorry.' If you're blue or upset, or actually depressed, then you have every right to say so and talk about it if said talking is cathartic in any way. I am totally in awe of you for sticking to your diet so well - I know I've said it before but a lesser person (err, me for example) would've given up long ago under a much smaller amount of stress.

    Regarding your eye, I was trying to work out if it's a similar operation or not, and I think it is, but did you ever read Tara at Sweat Like A Pig's blog posts when she had to have eye surgery? She blogged a bit about the process and the recovery from it...I think most of the links are in this post: I didn't know if her experiences might be relevant at all?

    I hope your knee feels better soon!


  2. I have a wonky ankle that turns over at the slightest opportunity so I appreciate how shaken up and sore you must be. You're not being a misery, you are just 'talking' aboiut it, which is fine and really can help. So please don't worry!
    I hope the aches ease off soon.
    J x