Thursday, 27 February 2014

Whole 30 day 25 appointment #2

Today started out much better... I've realized my hunger & depression the last day or two were mainly hormonal, (TTOM) making me feel substantially less insane and weak!

My reduced caffeine push is going well - third day in a row with only one cup each of caffeinated & decaf coffee. Tomorrow I may just go straight to the decaf unless I have a really bad night tonight.

I worked from home again today in preparation for my appointment. I do like working from home but after a day or so I start missing the noise and (superficial) company. Not to mention being irritated by the built in delay when asking questions / asking for help electronically instead of in person. It doesn't really help having sunshine outside either - home is supposed to be the place I can just go out if it's sunny! I did once again get the 4 miles walked of course, but the sun didn't last long enough to get the benefit.

My appointment happened today as it should have. Apart from the part where he confirmed I had a detached retina requiring a scleral buckle procedure - general anaesthetic, 2 weeks not driving (he said off work, but I checked it really meant not driving). It's surgery. Woo hoo. Within the next 2 months.

At least I know now...

Food today:
Breakfast: back to the eggs... Scrambled with leek, courgette & tomatoes
Lunch: mushroom & spinach soup and some salmon - mayo in half an avocado (made with remoulade - great combo with a little red onion as well)
Dinner: chocolate chili with coconut rice
Snacks: plantain chips with more salmon - mayo; cashews and comfort cashew butter.


  1. I'm glad you've discovered the reason. TOTM can be the pits, I well remember!!

    Glad, also, that they are sorting your eye issue out very speedily!

    J x

  2. Oh Chrissie, I'm so sorry to hear that the problem is that retina is detached (on in the process of...), but that surgical repair and scleral buckle WILL make sure keep your vision in that eye. It's always better to know what's facing you... uncertainty isn't a comfortable feeling.

    My lovely hubby had this op a few years ago (it's a loooooong and involved story which started with a macular hole, which was repaired, but then the detachment happened, then finally another op to correct the cataract which formed after two rounds of surgery) but it has meant that he has got the majority of the sight in the affected eye and drives without a problem - without the repair, that would not have been the case.

    I am a tad concerned though as you seem to be making light of this, and it is a serious operation - do plan to give yourself time to recover properly, both from the general, and from the physical and emotional stress of the surgery. You must look after YOU as you are the important part of this equation - and if that means X weeks off work, so be it.

    If you want/need to talk more, let me know and we can find a way to do so other than through the 'comments'.

    All the very best and hugs from my soggy area...again!