Friday, 14 February 2014

Whole 30 day 12

I know that I am very, very lucky not to have my house flooded or even have to find a different route to work due to floods locally, so it sounds ridiculous coming from me to say this, but I am so.  damned. sick of this weather. Enough already... A few days, weeks or even months of no more bloody rain would be wonderful. If the wind would just f*ck off too that would be even better... It's depressing. All the damn time. Maybe I should just go into hibernation for the next 6-8 weeks, I'm fairly sure I have enough fat to sustain me for that long. In the absence of hibernating I'm feeling cranky, depressed and generally fed up today. Plus hungry because of my idiocy in not bringing a snack. I even needed coffee after lunch, which I never do.... After work I was too hungry and tired to train so I didn't. Too depressed as well. Weirdo.

(No 'Valentiney' post here, if you expected one, we don't really bother as neither of us has a romantic bone in our body, or any happy memories of the day from growing up. Also he's better at that stuff than me and I don't like feeling inadequate.)

So it's Friday and that's all it is here. I'm glad it's almost the weekend but frustrated that long walks will not be on the itinerary once again. I have no particular plans except the intention of watching The Life of Pi at some point (in 3D) and some cooking, shopping & housework.

Food today:
Breakfast: scotch eggs with a tiny taste of sauerkraut - would have been more but I'm not sure sauerkraut that tastes 'fizzy' is a good idea
Lunch: silky courgette soup; strawberries
Dinner: rump steak rubbed with gremolata as a marinade/rub then served with more gremolata, sweet potato and salad
Snacks: forgot to bring any again...

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  1. If your sauerkraut is fizzy it is always worth giving it a good wash then bring to the boil in fresh water. And believe me you are not the only one who is feeling down because of the weather even if our feet are dry.