Thursday, 13 February 2014

Whole 30 day 11

Today I had to take my car for it's service & MOT so I arranged to work from home (and the garage, since they have free WiFi for customers). I drove into Reading in rush hour traffic, which was lots and lots of fun, then spent a couple of hours working in the garage before driving home again - this took half the time it took to drive in. The car sailed through all the checks thankfully.

When I got back I restarted working but as I was home I could also enjoy myself a little... I'd hard boiled some eggs before I left and defrosted some pork mince so I could make some 'Scotch Eggs' and bake them in the oven. Slightly unfortunately I had enough mince for 3 eggs and I made 4 - so there were holes in the coating once the meat shrank in cooking - but they still turned out rather lovely (I flavoured the mince with fresh coriander & parsley left over from the salsa verde I made yesterday)

When I finished work I was quite looking forward to training again - up until I got on the climber and started. My legs felt so heavy and tired that I got back off and took a bath instead. Hopefully I'll feel more up to it tomorrow after resting - I have to bear in mind I haven't trained in a long time, and I should probably not go gung ho at it straight away.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with a little salsa verde
Lunch: silky courgette soup and a cold roast chicken leg
Dinner: chicken stir fry with hoisin sauce
Snacks: cashews, scotch egg

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