Sunday, 9 February 2014

Whole30 day 7

I picked up my referral letter today, sealed into an envelope with the words 'to be delivered to GP urgently' (urgently underlined). I think she wants me to be worried sick...
I spent today fairly quietly today, shopping, looking at houses (just walk / drive bys to check out the general area) and taking a long, relaxing bath. I would have liked a long walk, but the wind was too much for me (and had a nasty cold bite to it around my newly naked ears and neck) Ah well, it sort of helped me relax, and I still need that given that I'm worrying when I let myself. Also I've had a headache most of the time since my appointment yesterday, I don't know if it was triggered by stress after the appointment or the result of her taking an abnormal amount of time peering in there with that enormously bright light... either way it was enough to put me off doing too much, including training. The climber is now sorted out though so when I'm ready it's ready too...

Food today:
Breakfast: homemade pork 'sausages' - once again from a recipe in Well Fed 2 - with fried eggs.
Lunch: tuna mayo served on slices of red pepper & cucumber
Dinner: a whole30 compliant beef stew with veg
Snacks: dried figs, almonds

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  1. Oh Chrissie - not a nice thing to be facing. Hope that the "something 'shimmery'" turns out to something that is really nothing to worry about and they are just being super-cautious,

    Take care, and hugs from soggy Cambridgeshire (raining again... ooh now there's a surprise, ain't it!)