Thursday, 20 February 2014

Appointment / Whole 30 day 17

I would have posted this yesterday but after they put eye drops in my eyes to dilate the pupils I couldn’t see well enough to feel like writing – I had to increase the size of the font in my Kindle to such a degree that each page fitted about 20 words, and even then struggled to get it focused!

My appointment was of course a bit of an anticlimax. It took forever, included yet again having to do the field of vision test that picked up my blind spot originally (and did so again yesterday) along with an exam involving shining very bright lights into chemically dilated pupils – cruel & unusual punishment if you ask me. The result was the consultant I saw asking me if I’d ever injured my right eye. (squeamish people may want to skip ahead now)

When I was very little – must have been less than 5 since that’s when I first started wearing glasses) our family was involved in a very minor car accident that caused only one very minor injury – I had a sliver / splinter of car paint fly out and get stuck into my eye. Probably my right eye. Stuck. Like a little spear. Anyway, it was removed and more or less forgotten apart from anecdotes when the subject of idiot drivers came up (it was the other guy’s fault). That’s the only incident involving my eyes that I’m aware of, so I’m assuming that’s what caused the scar tissue the consultant saw in my eye. She said that the retina was also slightly wrinkled, which is probably due to the same cause though she couldn’t 100% rule out the possibility that my retina was detaching, because the fibrous scar tissue made it hard to see properly what was going on. So she referred me – again – to another specialist clinic in a couple of months and took scans so they can make sure there’s no sign of further deterioration, and said that assuming it’s stable they probably won’t want to touch it. So no calamity, and probably no treatment needed. Yay! And no more moaning about this other than to say that although I’m glad the optician was conscientious enough to check on it, I wish she had been a little less alarmist about it with all that ‘urgent referral’ stuff.

Food wise yesterday was a little hard. My appointment was in Reading and I took the day off work for it, so I was a bit at loose ends. I ate a normal breakfast and lunch, and between my appointment and a quick shopping trip I walked about 6 miles. I was starving by the time I got home, and if the cafes and restaurants at the hospital had had anything that I could convince myself was acceptable food I would probably have had a second lunch while I was there (some of that was more about comfort than hunger before the appointment obviously). Fortunately they didn’t seem to cater for GF let alone Whole 30 so there was nothing, and I resisted breaking the plan with great ease there – it was later it got hard. But not impossible thankfully!

On the way back to the station after my appointment I stopped at a butcher in Reading (a tiny little street called Smelly Alley, I assume because there’s a fishmonger there as well) and bought some pigs trotters for stock and some mutton leg – looking forward to doing something interesting with that!


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with vegetables

Lunch: a mug of cauliflower soup and some chicken mini breast fillets that had been briefly marinated in wasabi mayonnaise before being grilled

Dinner: hake baked in foil with coconut aminos, garlic, red chilli & spring onion, served with roast brussels sprouts and sweet potato slices

Snacks: toasted coconut, macadamia nuts


  1. Glad the eye thing turned out ok and nothing to horrid to contend with. Still look at this way all that stress and anxiety will have burned shed loads of calories.

  2. Fantastic news - I'm so pleased to hear that there's nothing serious going on. Hopefully now you can breathe again! Oh, and resisting the temptation to go off-plan after such a stressful day is amazing - care to lend me some willpower?


  3. Really, really, REALLY pleased to hear the good news about the eye.

    Looking forward to hearing more about those pigs trotters. Oh, mutton too - how wonderful.

    And good old Smelly Alley - there's a trip down memory lane for me. There was indeed a fishmonger there - I remember it well as I used to live on above a shop on Friar Street looking straight into the alley. That was a L-O-N-G time ago.