Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What a day / week

I slept so much better last night!!! I'm in a different hotel this week and it seems quieter and more comfortable (and more expensive sadly) than the usual one, although I can't judge anything except my bedroom as I never came out once I got there yesterday. The only criticism I had was a lack of bathtub in the ensuite - there is a massive shower cubicle but I can't relax by soaking in the tub for 3 hours :-(

Today I was determined to check out the gym. This hotel is part of the same chain as the one I usually stay in but it's much newer and I hoped the equipment would be too. Well, I was disappointed - it's a tiny gym with only a few pieces of equipment. In fact, a typical hotel gym. The other hotel operates it's gym as a membership gym to the public, so it's much bigger. Ah well, I'm suffering from… not so much the carb flu, more the carb cold - and don't have the energy to train at the moment anyway. In addition, the one downside to the location of this hotel is that it's not as convenient for shopping for lunches & dinners - I had to stop on the way to work this morning instead of picking it up in a more leisurely fashion in the evening. I suppose going back to the other place won't be a bad thing after all...

Food today was harder - I guess starting eating later was the key yesterday. I had my breakfast at about 6:20 and was already snacking by 8:30 (not on forbidden foods mind you). Still, I have too much weight to lose to settle for eating excessive amounts of acceptable foods, so I need to watch that. I'm not worried too much at the moment though since I am eating only acceptable foods after very much not doing for a few weeks - baby steps!

Today I was offered a 3 month extension at my current contract. Of course I haven't had the paperwork back from my last boss, so I'm having to chase him. I told my current agent I was probably going back there but she's holding on for a few days to see if the other job falls through before recruiting my replacement. I really didn't expect this given that there have been such upheavals on the project - I’d convinced myself I was being viewed as a potential scapegoat to explain away the problems on the project. It makes me feel a bit bad for wanting to leave (not bad enough to actually stay on here unless the other one falls through though...)

Unbelievable... On Sunday the house was baking hot (helping to keep me awake Sunday night) so when M got home yesterday to find it was still really hot we called our letting agent & asked them to get a plumber / heating engineer out. In the meantime M tried to turn down the radiator in the bedroom and found a leak. So the plumber guy came out today and fixed those alright... But M got home today and found water dripping from the light fitting in the hall that appears to have started in a leak in the airing cupboard...
Can I say I'm glad we just rent it????

Food today
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms & courgette
Lunch: ham and cheese 'sandwiches' & a handful of cherry tomatoes
Dinner: chicken breast & cheese
Snack: an apple, Greek yogurt, cashews. The yogurt was Chobani natural 0% and it's both sharper in flavour and less creamy in texture than my favourite Fage. (the creaminess is not a fair comparison as I generally eat the full fat Fage, the 0% one is less creamy too). I'll have to add fruit to the rest I think, it's too tart for my taste on it's own

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